Embracing Hungarian Neo-Fascism

Tucker in Hungary

“Hungarian-style soft fascism is now the GOP’s brand and they’re doubling down on it, believing to their core that by the end of 2024 they can do to America what Orbán did to Hungary — and therefore never face consequences or serious political opposition ever again.”

The Conservative Political Action Committee is meeting in Budapest, Hungary this week and it started off with a bang.  Now usually when the right wingers get together in America for their annual doo-dah we get to see an assortment of men in white wigs and tri-corner hats; a few times there was a golden-idol of Donald Trump.

Not this year.  This year the key-note speaker was the Hungarian neo-fascist Prime Minister Viktor Orban.  You remember him from crony Tucker Carlson’s fawning TV show on Fox News.

Orban, relishing the American conservative spot light opened the conference with a  powerful call to arms:

“Conservatives in Europe and the United States must fight together to “reconquer” institutions in Washington and Brussels from liberals who threaten Western civilization ahead of votes in 2024.  “Progressive liberals, neo-Marxists dazed by the woke dream, people financed by George Soros and promoters of open societies … want to annihilate the Western way of life that you and us love so much.  We must coordinate the movement of our troops as we face a big test, 2024 will be a decisive year,”

Thunderous applause from American Republican rightists.  “It’s not entirely clear what Orban meant by “troops” but it’s obvious that he believes their movement is global and that they must join forces to fight their common enemy. You’ll note that while he normally rails against immigrants polluting their Great White culture, he is now equally focused on “progressive liberals, Neo-Marxists and promoters of open societies.” :

He went on further :

“Part of the picture of the decade of war facing us will be recurring waves of suicidal policy in the Western world. One such suicide attempt that I see is the great European population replacement program, which seeks to replace the missing European Christian children with migrants, with adults arriving from other civilizations,”

That’s right, Orban is the world’s most important proponent of the so-called great replacement theory.  I guess the Buffalo killer was one of those soldiers that needed to be “coordinated.”  He didn’t get the memo to wait till 2024.

While it’s fashionable in some circles to compare Donald Trump and the modern-day GOP to Hitler or Mussolini and their fascist movements from the 1930s, what’s happening on the international stage right now is actually somewhat different and, once in power, far harder to stop or overthrow.

“The problem with the old fascism was that it was too brutal and militaristic: it offended voters’ democratic sensibilities, killed way too many people, and caused nearby nations to respond militarily to its perceived threat.”

This softer and gentler system, neofascism, still employs many of the same political and rhetorical tools old-fashioned fascists used to gain power, including white supremacy, ultranationalism, and a general embrace of crony capitalism.

“But it does all of them within a more populist wrapper, seemingly driven from the ground up, and acquiring elected power by manipulation of social media; crony-owned “news” outlets and talk radio; buying off politicians (legalized by conservatives on the Supreme Court in 2010); and subtly rigging electoral systems with devices like voter-roll purges (legalized by conservatives on the Supreme Court in 2018) and voter suppression.”

Steve Bannon celebrated Orbán as “Trump before Trump,” and Casey Michel on the NBC News site Think noted: “From targeting migrants to inflaming an ethnonationalist base, from attacking the press to whipping up nativist conspiracies, from ushering in unprecedented corruption to tearing down basic democratic protections, Trumpism is increasingly indistinguishable from Orbánism.”

Of course Tucker is in Budapest this week.  I’m sure he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

“If you care about Western civilization and democracy and families and the ferocious assault on all three of those things by the leaders of our global institutions, you should know what is happening here right now,” Carlson said.

For anyone who’s followed Hungary’s trajectory under Orbán, Carlson’s paeans to the country’s supposed “democracy” are laughable. Under a decade of Orbán’s rule, Hungary has transformed from a bright spot of political freedoms to a cautionary tale in how a right-wing authoritarian can dismantle a democracy, piece by piece, while helping his cronies profit along the way.  You cannot be rich in Hungary unless you are tight with Orban.

Orban been pushing the great replacement for many years. And he’s turned it into policy which right-wingers across the globe are watching very carefully. Aside from attacks on democracy and a free press, his Christian Nationalist values translate into a crusade against LGBTQ citizens and immigrants, as well as a strong push to make women give birth to as many children as humanly possible. All of this is in service of preserving Hungary’s cultural purity, which Orban believes is under assault from modern cultural forces.

“Our homeland, our common homeland, Europe, is standing to lose in the population contest of the big civilizations. It’s important to say that it’s a national interest to restore natural reproduction. Not one interest among others — but the only one. It’s a European interest too. It is the European interest.”

Orban has instituted many policies encouraging Hungarian women to have many children but interestingly has not yet banned abortion, although they do make it as unpleasant as possible. That’s one issue in which the U.S. is about to become the global leader of the far-right white nationalist movement.

The next step in curbing the Great Replacement is forced childbirth.

None other than CPAC’s Chairman Matt Schlapp made it explicit in an interview from Budapest on Thursday:

“”Roe v. Wade is being adjudicated at the Supreme Court right now, for people that believe that we somehow need to replace populations or bring in new workers, I think it is an appropriate first step to give the…enshrinement in law the right to life for our own unborn children,” he said…

“If you say there is a population problem in a country, but you’re killing millions of your own people through legalized abortion every year, if that were to be reduced, some of that problem is solved,” Schlapp said. “You have millions of people who can take many of these jobs. How come no one brings that up? If you’re worried about this quote-unquote replacement, why don’t we start there? Start with allowing our own people to live.”

Asked again if he agreed with Orban’s comments about European countries “committing suicide” by embracing immigration, Schlapp said: “I think Orban is skeptical of their solution, and I think in America we have a solution that could be right around the corner.”

There you have it folks.  The cure for “Replacement Theory” is to totally ban abortion.  Banning of the morning after pill, abortion pills and contraception  will follow.

Oklahoma banned all abortion yesterday.

Himmler knew all about it.

PS – A Trump endorsed candidate for state representative (R – Michigan) Jackie Eubanks says that if it came to a vote in the full legislature she woul vote to make birth control illegal.  “Sex aught to be between one man and one woman in the confines of marriage and open tolife.   Absolutely.”

Sounds like Sister Mary Margaret.

Millions of women should toughen up, squeeze their thighs together in protest and buy a vibrator.  You can get a really nice one at Lelo.

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5 Responses to Embracing Hungarian Neo-Fascism

  1. Don Ostertag says:

    The Greeks had women who used sex to control men. They were led by Lysistrada, the first feminist. Funny comedy that translates to ‘Go sleep on the couch tonight.

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  2. beetleypete says:

    This right-wing world movement currently seems to be unstobbable. That worries me, Frank. We are old, but what about the grandchildren’s future?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Have these people not realized that if they ban abortion and birth control, the minority and immigrant populations they fear so much will also have more children?

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