“Coal Joe” Manchin Speaks

Kyrsten and Coal Joe

Well Senator Joe Manchin of the great state of West Virginia spoke today.

You all know old Joe by now. He has single handedly held up President Biden’s economic agenda.  With a 50/50 split in the Senate between Dems and the GOP , his vote is necessary to pass the President’s social legislative package.

Passing it is vital.  Failure will only indicate that Dems really can’t get anything done and would probably be catastrophic to their chances in the mid-term elections next year.  Failure could be the ruin of the Biden Presidency and would do more to bolster the return of Trump than anything I know.

Well since Joe has become the necessary lever to push he has become a prima donna.  He’s enjoying the spot light and sees the opportunity to delay and deny to get what he wants.  The party be damned.  He cares not that he is the only significant vote out of 50 holding things up.  If he gives his support, Kyrsten Sinema, a new Senator facing election next year probably  will to.

Don’t matter.

Joe wouldn’t agree to any paid family leave, even after it was cut from 3 months to 4 weeks.  I guess West Virginia’s women simply birth their babies, get out of bed and go back to work.  Or they are all so financially well off that they can afford to simply stay home without pay.

So paid family leave  was completely stripped from the bill leaving America the only country in the western world without it.  Thanks to Joe.

He also opposed the child tax credit cutting it from 5 years to one, which still did not get his commitment to support the bill.  He opposed the expansion of Medicare to cover dental and vision care.  Even with a cap on annual amounts.   Joe thinks it fiscally irresponsible.  Buy your own false teeth.  I had to.  Two thousand bucks.

Finally Joe railed against any assault on the fossil fuel industry.

Why?  “Coal” Joe is from West Virginia and wants to save those fine coal mining black lung jobs back home.

Besides, he has large investments in fossil fuels and big donors in coal and oil who  contribute big bucks to  keep him right where he is.

Doing Mitch McConnell’s work for him.  Mitch is laughing his ass off while Joe spouts tripe about “bipartisanship.”

Manchin also was instrumental in killing the possibility of lowering prescription drug prices  and the billionaire’s tax.  Fiscally irresponsible.

Its time to stop characterizing Joe Manchin as a “moderate” Democrat.  Bull shit. nd I don’t have a clue as to exactly how he represents the people of his state; a state in the lower 10% in just about every measure.

In today’s remarks Coal Joe mentioned something he wants.  He wants House progressives to vote for the hard infrastructure bill already passed by the Senate.  House progressives have refused unless Joe commits to supporting the social spending bill.  They have slashed the social spending bill by trillions and have given up a lot while Joe has given up nothing.  So progressives are holding the hard infrastructure bill hostage.

So today Coal Joe fiercely criticized House progressives for refusing to support the bipartisan infrastructure bill until the social reconciliation package moves forward.

“The political games have to stop,” the Democratic senator said. “Holding this bill hostage is not going to work in getting my support for the reconciliation bill.”

Of course, Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, the other key Democratic holdout in the Senate, have used their two votes to demand and get drastic cuts to the reconciliation package and are now refusing to endorse the framework for the smaller bill.

So one could make the argument that the “political games” are not restricted to the progressive wing of the Democratic party.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are two of the most selfish senators I’ve seen since the Eisenhower administration.   For months, these two have bullied the White House and progressive Democrats into bending to their will. Key liberal priorities such as paid family leave and medical leave and measures to reduce prescription drug costs, provide two years of free community college and repeal key elements of the Trump tax cuts have been jettisoned. The total cost of the bill has been cut in half — from $3.5 trillion to around $1.75 trillion — all to satisfy Manchin’s and Sinema’s demands.

And still they will not commit.

He has also made it clear he will not support a carve out in the filibuster rule to pass voting rights legislation.  He is after all for “bipartisanship” and “compromise” even thought there is not one Republican vote supporting voting rights legislation.  Republican activities to repress the right to vote are the reasons we need the legislation in the first place.

If the Dems can’t get this passed Manchin should be stripped of his Committee assignments and drummed out of the party.  Sinima should face a well financed primary challenger next year.  She has betrayed the progressives  of Arizona who sent her to office.

I will contribute to her challenger’s campaign.

As for Coal Joe, if he doesn’t vote for the bill we have no need of him and are no worse without him.  He is making it impossible to govern anyway.  His actions are only helping Trump.


About toritto

I was born during year four of the reign of Emperor Tiberius Claudius on the outskirts of the empire in Brooklyn. I married my high school sweetheart, the girl I took to the prom and we were together for forty years until her passing in 2004. We had four kids together and buried two together. I had a successful career in Corporate America (never got rich but made a living) and traveled the world. I am currently retired in the Tampa Bay metro area and live alone. One of my daughters is close by and one within a morning’s drive. They call their pops everyday. I try to write poetry (not very well), and about family. Occasionally I will try a historical piece relating to politics. :-)
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8 Responses to “Coal Joe” Manchin Speaks

  1. Maggie says:

    Frank, I could not agree with you any more. I am so disgusted by his shenanigans. He fancies himself the emperor and not only does he lack his clothes, he lacks any ability to lead his constituents anywhere. He is holding our country hostage.

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  2. beetleypete says:

    I just don’t get it. He is a rich man who has enough money to live out his life comfortably. I can understand him opposing any moves against the coal industry that makes his fortune, but why oppose medical and dental care, or time off for new mothers?
    He must just be a downright nasty and spiteful person, someone who has no place representing an electorate.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. unabashedliberal says:

    Thanks for this post. Pushed right now, but, will swing back by in a bit, to discuss a couple issues you’ve touched upon, regarding the BBB proposal. Also, will share info (transcript & Editorial) about the so-called drug pricing negotiations. Phew!

    Could be wrong, but, ‘think’ that this is mostly Kabuki. IOW, “Coal Joe” is simply taking the flack for his conservative views, while carrying out B’s and several other conservative/moderate Dems’ true agenda. After all, he’s in a completely safe seat, supposedly, pretty much revered in his state.

    (Sinema might be easier to get rid of–don’t know as much about her, but, assume that she’s not the icon in AZ, that Joe is in WV.)

    Remember, Joe’s been (or, perhaps, still is, not certain) a national co-chair for the “No Labels” bipartisan organization–a bunch of deficit hawks–whose primary mission is to dismantle seniors’ social safety net. This organization held its formal kickoff in NYC on 13 December 2010, just after O’s Catfood Commission released its report on 1 December.

    Heh–Sinema’s either in “No Labels,” or greatly admired by them. Take a gander at this ad/video. (Warning: May need a barf bag. 😉 )

    I do know that both Manchin and Sinema are co-sponsors of Romney’s “Trust Act.” (it calls for commssions to be set up which would effectively dismantle Social Security and Medicare, similar to O’s Catfood Commission)

    Don’t forget, O & B spent close to 6 years of their administration attempting to get through a “Grand Bargain.” Which, had it passed, would have dismantled Social Security and Medicare, as we know those programs. According to Matt Taibi, had it not been for the fact that Boehner couldn’t get enough Repub lawmakers to agree to raise taxes–the needed Republican concession to strike a Grand Bargain–these “entitlements” would have been slashed.

    Sounds as though legislative language for BBB may be finalized by tomorrow. An effort to help McAuliffe, probably.



    • fgsjr2015 says:

      Re: “… the so-called drug pricing negotiations.”

      Recouping R&D costs is typically cited by the powerful industry to justify its exorbitant prices and stiff resistance to universal medication coverage public plans, the latter which it’s doing in Canada. However, according to a Huffington Post story (“Pharmaceutical Companies Spent 19 Times More On Self-Promotion Than Basic Research: Report,” updated May 8, 2013) http://www.huffpost.com/entry/pharmaceutical-companies-marketing_n_1760380
      a study conducted by the British Medical Journal found that for every $19 dollars the pharmaceutical industry spent on promoting and marketing new drugs, it put only $1 into its R&D.

      Whenever a federal Liberal government promises Canadians universal generic-brand medication coverage (and such promises on their own are extremely rare here), the pharmaceutical industry reacts with threats of abandoning their Canada-based R&D (etcetera) if the government goes ahead with its ‘pharmacare’ plan. Why? Because such universal medication coverage, generic brand or not, would negatively affect the industry’s plentiful profits. The profits would still be great, just not as great. Meanwhile, we continue to be the world’s sole nation that has universal healthcare but no similar coverage of prescribed medication, however necessary.

      A late-2019 Angus Reid study found that, over the previous year, almost a quarter of Canadians decided against filling a prescription or having one renewed, due to medication unaffordability. Not only is medication less affordable, but other research has revealed that many low-income outpatients who cannot afford to fill their prescriptions end up back in the hospital system as a result, therefore costing far more for provincial and federal government health ministries than if the medication had been covered.

      So, in order for the industry to continue raking in huge profits, Canadians, as both individual consumers and a taxpaying collective, must lose out huge. And our elected representatives, be they federal (neo)Liberals or Conservatives, shrug their figurative shoulders in favor of the pharmaceutical industry — time and again.


  4. unabashedliberal says:

    Sorry! Guess YouTube videos don’t embed in comments section.


  5. marymtf says:

    Joe Biden is the worst President in history and recent polls reflect that. Everything he turns his hand to flops.


    • fgsjr2015 says:

      I seriously doubt that the Biden administration would be permitted to make a notably practical improvement in poor and low-income Americans’ quality of life, regardless of how much Biden may want, or not want, to deliver such greatly needed assistance. I believe that the DNC refuses to allow a Bernie Sanders presidential candidacy, regardless of what Democratic Party members/voters want. For example, every county in West Virginia voted for Sanders in 2016, yet the Democratic National Committee declared them as wins for Clinton, the latter candidate’s neo-liberalism, unlike Sanders’ fiscal-progressiveness, already known for not rubbing against any big business grain.

      Fiscal conservative ideology/politics, big business interests and most of the corporate mainstream news-media resist sufficiently progressive ideas from actually being implemented. They seem to favor big money interests over people. Republican representatives may also be manipulating the Democratic Party hierarchy into making the latter’s fiscal politics/policies more conservative.

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  6. fgsjr2015 says:

    Canadians suffer similar BS from our own two mainstream federal political parties. …

    The (neo)Liberal party are not truly liberal. They, like the Conservatives, pander to corporate objectives and the rich, albeit the former maintain their traditional liberal social policies, notably those involving race, gender and sexuality. The Conservative party, meanwhile, are not truly conservative but rather a money-first party with little or no stances on the major social issues for which they once stood. Thus they’re closer to being libertarian than conservative, seeming to stand for little other than big business, finance and maybe a balanced budget.

    (And the neo-liberals and conservatives remain preoccupied with vocally criticizing one another for their relatively trivial politics and diverting attention away from some of the planet’s greatest polluters, where it should and needs to be sharply focused.)

    Apparently, politically potent big business interests get catered-to regardless of which of these two parties rules. This, of course, is made possible by our First Past The Post electoral-system dinosaur, which barely qualifies as democratic rule within the democracy spectrum (though it seems to well-serve corporate interests).

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