Why The Exodus From Central America?

Get your guns.  We’re being invaded by children again at  our southern border.

Thousands of kids, as if that made a difference in a country of 330 million.  One hundred thousand would just about fill the Penn State stadium on a Saturday afternoon.

Why?  Why do they leave their home countries to take a difficult and dangerous journey north?  Why do they send their children?

The cause for much of the immigration of Central Americans to the United States is somewhat ironic.  Many Central Americans were forced to flee their native lands due to the war, drug cartels and poverty that had overtaken their homelands.  The ironic and sad part about this is that the U.S. was responsible for instigating and perpetuating many of the wars that have left places like Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua in such hazardous conditions; and yet Central American refugees are still seeking prosperity and safety within the borders of the United States, the same place that ignited the downfall of their countries to begin with.

The early 1980’s was when the influx of Central American immigrants began to make their way to U.S. soil.  Before 1980, refugee status, according to U.S. law, was only to be granted to to those people who were escaping Communist regimes. Thus the family of our illustrious Senator Marco Rubio, known as  “little Marco” stepped on to Florida soil and automatically received refugee status so that now he can bitch and moan about illegal aliens.  Today it is Venezuelans fleeing “socialism.”

This all changed with the passing of the 1980 Refugee Act, which, “declared anyone eligible for political asylum who had suffered persecution or who had a ‘well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.'”  Each individual case needs to be heard before a judge.

With right wing dictatorships, death squads and drug cartels running their countries, young people have a real fear for their lives in rural areas. Donald Trump made them wait in Mexico in shanty towns until their cases were adjudicated.  Joe Biden lets them cross the border and wait here   He considers the policy more humane particularly in view of the 1980 law.

Why are there no marches to our border from Costa Rica?

Why are there no marches to our border from Belize?

Why is there no marches to our border from Panama?

Read the history of the interventions by the United States in Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala and you will see the causes for the exodus from these countries.    The mass exodus of Central Americans from their home countries can be directly linked to the United States’ severely intrusive and detrimental interventionist policy, supporting right wing dictatorships and death squads.

it is to our  shame as well as our fault that so many are forced to leave their homes to come to the place that had treated their nations with such utter disrespect and disregard for humanity as a whole.

If we had worked to make their countries better rather supporting fascist dictators and political murder we wouldn’t have these problems.  There’s a reason these countries  are called “banana republics.”

Read about United Fruit.




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1 Response to Why The Exodus From Central America?

  1. beetleypete says:

    You nailed it as usual, Frank.
    Not forgetting the Vietnamese refugees of course. Another ‘intervention’.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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