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Florida! World’s Hottest Spot!

It wasn’t that long ago folks that our Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis was bragging how everything that the experts had predicted for Florida didn’t happen.  We were not New York or any of the other states battered by the Corona … Continue reading

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Learning How To Ride a Bike!

This is really fun!! You can go anywhere! . Look both ways! Daddy says we will take off the training wheels after a while! . 🙂

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France Before the Revolution – For Bastille Day

The Queen’s Chamber at Versailles What was it like to be a common man, a member of the Third Estate in the time just before the French Revolution, which was to change the course of European history?  How bad did … Continue reading

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“What’s a Scallop?”

Hmm! These are good!  Got anymore Mommy? 🙂 .  

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Trump at Mt. Rushmore for the 4th ofJuly

So  much happens everyday it is hard to keep track.   Each day there is a new scandal, outrage, investigation, tell-all book, lawsuit or  nasty tweet. This year is seemingly dragging on forever; last January now seems like 6 years ago.  … Continue reading

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On Catherine the Great and Smallpox

“A GOP state lawmaker in Ohio ― one of several states currently seeing a spike in new coronavirus infections ― urged constituents to “STOP GETTING TESTED” for COVID-19 in a Facebook post on Tuesday. “Are you tired of living in … Continue reading

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“Where Do Babies Come From?” – From the Archives

“So daddy, where do babies come from?” (cough) Well the stork delivers them! Of course we laugh when we think about such questions…and answers.  Everyone knows where babies come from and why.  At some point in your life you learned … Continue reading

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“Mother Earth” Art Festival

Night Sky Petunias – 3rd Place   Lobster Under Blacklight . The juried “Mother Earth” Art Festival was recently held at the Carrollwood Art and Cultural Center here in Tampa, open to local artists. Pam submitted two of her recent … Continue reading

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July 4, 2020 – Poem #144

Blotting out the light and sun a shroud descends upon the land  a covering of night and fog obscuring unseen death, waiting to lend a helping hand. Hearing the sound of labored breathing from somewhere in the night and fog; … Continue reading

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Robert E. Lee – Myth vs. History

Arlington House at the Arlington National Cemetery – Robert E. Lee’s former slave plantation. Ah yes.  There is so much going on here in the United States each day it is almost impossible for an old blogger to keep up.  … Continue reading

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