Lights out at the White House.

Dyed Blond Don, our “strong fearless” leader has spent this week managing his ego after the hashtag #Bunkerboy began appearing across social media when it was reported that he spend some time in the White House bunker as demonstrators raged outside.

The lights in the Presidential mansion were turned off; what better indication that there is nobody home?

After being called a “weenie” he has spent days thumping his flabby chest and, a la a TV reality show host, has sought to undue the “damage” to his fragile ego by shooting re-takes, “fixing” the damage like this is the real work of being President.

Everything goes back to the insult  to his ego and the bunker boy memes.

Last Saturday a group of demonstrators succeeded in tearing down one of the barricades surrounding the White House and Trump was reportedly hustled into an underground bunker by the Secret Service and all the lights were turned off.  This was shortly after our fearless leader tried to play tough guy by tweeting lurid fantasies about how any protestors who succeeded in breaching White House grounds would be “greeted by vicious dogs and the most ominous weapons I have ever seen.”

“Is it safe to come out yet?”

The Secret Service is of course expected to take actions to protect the President but the contrast between Trump’s chest thumping and the fact that he might be cowering in the basement made a lot of people laugh. Including me.  Unsurprisingly, a lot of folks made fun of him; they simply couldn’t help it.  It was funny!

Both on social media and on protest signs people began calling him “bunker boy.”  Contrasted against Joe Biden going out to talk to protesters instead of hiding from them made our Great Leader look like a weenie.

Everything he has done since then has been to disprove he is a bunker boy but instead a macho man who will kick your ass without breaking a sweat.

He began fumbling efforts to quell the mockery by claiming he had not hunkered down in the bunker at all.  “I was there for a short period of time” he told Fox News, “not for protection but for an inspection.”  He claimed it was a suggestion that he inspect the bunker; it just so happened to be at the moment the barricade outside the White House was breached.  Just a coincidence!

It was a lie so transparent that it is remarkable that even Donald Trump would think anyone would buy it.  It is the attitude you cultivate when surrounded by yes men and lackeys who smile and nod at your every utterance.

So like any good reality TV host, he called for a re-shoot.  On Monday he had Federal police attack and clear a group of peaceful demonstrators in Lafayette Park with tear gas and pepper spray so that he could stage a photo op by strolling across the park to St. Johns Episcopal Church.  In front of the boarded up doors he held up a bible.  I’m sure he had to look for one; I doubt it was on n his bed stand.

Of course he received all kinds of outrage for risking the possibility of mass injury to civilians in a moronic attempt at creating a campaign ad.  But what takes it to a whole other level is the obvious fact that he did it because he was sick of people calling him a weenie for hiding in a bunker

He didn’t of course look tough or Presidential at all; and as reported by the “lame stream” media he had gassed a crowd just so he could take a photo and look tough.  He looked more like the chicken-shit he is.

Even Richard Nixon would occasionally go out and talk with demonstrators.  Trump surrounded himself with a cadre of protectors who tear gassed and pepper sprayed people rather than perhaps hear their insults.  Rather than prove he was a tough guy his actions only led to a further round of taunts about his wimpiness.

“Why did the chicken cross the road>

So he could tear gas young peaceful protestors and get a photo op with a book he’s never read!”

Trump seems incapable of learning the central lesson from all of this – acting defensively only makes people laugh harder.  Instead of letting it drop or roll off his skin he continued to try to prove his toughness the very next day.

On Tuesday he did another reality show re-shoot, this time in front of John Paul II National Shrine, dragging along a sullen Melanie whom he had to tell to “Smile!”  Washington Archbishop Wilton Gregory broke church protocal with a strong condemnation of the “visit.”  Melanie looked like she was a hostage the whole time.

Some have noted that perhaps being a TV reality show host might have really warped our leader’s mind a bit.  In the humble opinion of this old Florida crank, Trump is not the brightest star in the galaxy.  In fact he is not very bright.  What he learned on his TV gig is that editing can make anyone look competent and even smart.  Apparently there was a great deal of editing required:


For a somewhat lazy narcissist it must have been eye opening and life changing; editing and re-shoots can make anyone look good.  And so he has spent his entire Presidency as if it were a fake TV job – utilizing photo ops and pep rallies and other stunts to try to shape an image that he is sharp, tough and competant, an image totally contrary to reality.

What he has failed to grasp is that you can’t do re-shoots of reality nor can you fool all of the people all of the time.  On TV anything which didn’t make the Donald look good were simply deleted and re-shot.  Not so in life.  There is no delete and no mulligans.

The weirdest part is that it will make no difference.  While I sincerely doubt that the vast majority of his followers have been fooled into thinking he is a great man because of production values, they will back him anyway.

They will support him because they support his reactionary politics and view him as a useful tool to push America into a kind of fascism and not because they think he is brave or noble.

Brave he is not.  Trump found his bone spur and got 4 or 5 deferments during Vietnam.  Now he wasn’t the only one.  Clinton ran off to Europe on a Rhodes Scholarship while George Bush got a spot in the Texas National  Guard (Guard units were not deployed to Vietnam.  Kids were drafted off of the streets for that) at a time when you needed money and influence to get into a Guard unit.   His father, Bush the Greater was the last President to serve in the military.

If you are tired of this Presidential charade feeling there is no one home at the White House, that the lights are out even when they are on, remember your one weapon.



Many thanks to Dr. Rex for posting this video on her blog where I first saw it.


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3 Responses to #BunkerBoy

  1. beetleypete says:

    An inspection of the bunker? I hadn’t heard that, and it’s just hilarious. If he hides in a bunker from his own angry citizens, I wonder what he would do if the White House was attacked by ‘real’ terrorists?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Even Pat Robertson, father figure of evangelical televangelists, had it with him over the Bible stunt. At least one rat has left the sinking ship.

    Liked by 1 person

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