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I Heard Marlene Dietrich Sing – Poem #104 – For Memorial Day

Saw some 1920’s photos when we had ended all the wars thinking we would all be rich livin’ fat and driving fancy cars But it didn’t quite turn out that way as kids went over there again once more to … Continue reading

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Before and after. 🙂 Thought I was back in the day! Best from Florida! .

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Green Cathedral – Poem #40 – for Memorial Day

  The son of the Allentown butcher will lead the way point man on the sweep today through God’s heavenly green cathedral Verdant canopy reaching to heaven flickering sunlight illuminates a mottled parrot red and blue while on the moss a … Continue reading

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Winged Victory – Poem #49 – for Memorial Day

The Mekong – Vietnam . The fields are fully green again where only yesterday was shed wild blood of exuberant youth beauteous youth their blood staining the earth still, though unseen now, the stain beneath fields of green flowering gardens. … Continue reading

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“Darwin Was Wrong……”

The Missing Link by Pamela T. Done in pastel chalks and Magic Marker during “stay at home” Portrait of the artist as a young woman graduating from Monmouth University   “Best Artist” . P.S. – She and her dad never … Continue reading

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Guess Who is Forty!!

Yesterday was daddy’s birthday!  He is 40!!  I’m only 3!! We had a nice dinner mommy brought in and a chocolate birthday cake for daddy!  Daddy has a new beard he grew while we all stayed home! Then we blew … Continue reading

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Doo-Wop Farmer

Doo-Wop Dancing! Clark Cassius has a boombox; an ultra-modern one with the usual AM/FM radio, able to play disks and tapes.  It also has Blue Tooth connectivity. He received it as a Christmas gift from grandpa. Last time he was … Continue reading

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COVID and the Class Divide

Thousands wait for food in a San Antonio parking lot. A few days ago I posted a piece concerning the stark class differences exposed by the onslaught of the Corona virus pandemic and how it has delineated Americans into the … Continue reading

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Bones – Poem #73 – From the Archives

The bones of Richard III Curious things bones; signifying substance and frailty resolve and vulnerability  life and death If there is anything reverent about life it lies in the sad indifference of naked bones, stripped of individuality for under our … Continue reading

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COVID and the Comfortable Class

Volunteers feeding the “food insecure” right here in Tampa Well Florida has begun the process of “opening up” the economy this week; personal services like barber shops and hair salons have opened, restaurants are back in restricted capacity business and … Continue reading

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