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William Stuart-Houston; U.S Navy and Htiler’s Nephew

I love historical tidbits.  Heres’ one I never heard about in my 77 years. Conspiracy theorists usually get it totally wrong – like Pizzagate, where the Democrats were running a child abuse ring in the basement of a Washington pizzeria.  … Continue reading

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Wild Cherries – From the Archives

Originally written when I turned 70 years old on September 10, 2012   It was Autumn 2002. I was turning 60 years old and she and I were going to Paris. Paris,  Las Vegas. Neither of us had ever been … Continue reading

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“There is No Thing He Does Not Know”

I’m seldom right but I’m never wrong. 🙂 We’ve all met someone like that; so fixed in ways and beliefs that they are unwilling to admit a mistake of even the most innocuous nature.  They will argue, push back and … Continue reading

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College Football and Unionism

“Striped out” at Penn State Well the college football season started last weekend and here in Florida as well as in the rest of the country the hysteria will continue until the national champion is crowned.  Having attended City University … Continue reading

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“Life” in 1942 – From the Archives for my Birthday Next Week

Originally posted in 2016 I’m getting ready to host my annual Easter get-t0gether this weekend.  I’ll probably have 17 at my home this Sunday for dinner with 5 adults and my infant grandson staying with me from Friday till Monday … Continue reading

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India, Pakistan and Kashmir

The Vale of Kashmir There is so much going on at once that it has become difficult for this old man to pay proper attention to it all.  Trade war with China, North Korean nukes, Amazon fires, Presidential elections, Boris … Continue reading

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Dying Sol – from the Archives -2015 – For the Amazon

Slaughter the rhino so a foolish old man can enhance his virility; the cocktail of millionaires Oh no child there aren’t any more of those; now you can see them only on History been none of those since the 21st … Continue reading

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Lend Me A Tenor, Dorian and Other Thoughts

Those of you who waste your precious time reading this blog probably know that my daughter and son in law spend a lot of their spare time doing amateur theater.  My son in law Rob recently landed a lead roll … Continue reading

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Immigration – “What Shall We Do with the Dago?”

“The character of American immigration has changed markedly in the past thirty years.   Previously western and northern Europe sent a stalwart stock, 95% of all who came.  They sought new homes and were settlers.  Scandinavians, Dutch, Germans, Swiss and … Continue reading

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