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Clark Cassius at Twenty Eight Months!

Oh mom!  It fits fine!! Look mom!  No shoes or socks!!  Going for a haircut! Haircut day!!  Ready for my close-up Mr. Scorsese! .

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For International Woman’s Day – Viola Liuzzo – A Re-Post

Viola Liuzzo died on March 25, 1965. She was murdered by the Klan in Selma, Alabama. I wrote about her on International Women’s Day several years  ago and was somewhat surprised at how many bloggers had never heard of her.  … Continue reading

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The First Days of Russia’s Revolution

Tsar Nicholas II in captivity shoveling snow – 1917 The Russian Revolution broke out on March 8, 1917 in Petrograd, now St. Petersburg.  It was still February under the old Russian calendar.  George Buchanan, the British Ambassador reported to his … Continue reading

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Lenin’s Wife – A Re-Post

Everyone knows of Lenin.  His body is still on display in the great Kremlin square, once known as Red Square, for those with a bit of ghoulishness in their souls to see.  His name and statues have been taken down … Continue reading

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Two Bullets For Lenin

Fanya Kaplan was a poor peasant girl born in Tsarist Russia on February 10,1890.  She never went to school; what education she received she got at home.  Her four brothers and two sisters lived the same peasant life. And she … Continue reading

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