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How the Vatican Became a State – a Re-Post

A Re-Post on the Visit of Pope Francis We all know that the Roman Catholic Church is a “church” and that it is headquartered in the Vatican, which is a “state” – all 110 acres with a current population of … Continue reading

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Remembering One Girl From Minsk – October 26,1941

An annual Re-Post.  We cannot remember them all; but each year we can remember one. The Minsk Ghetto – 1941 “For God’s sake child! Flee Minsk before it’s too late!” the wounded Red Army Major she tended urged her. “Be still!” Anya said. “I’m … Continue reading

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Hurricane Michael

. . . . . ‘ Yesterday Hurricane Michael slammed into the northern Florida gulf coast at Panama City with sustained winds of 153 mph and heavy rains.  It passed me by as it headed north, gathering strength over the … Continue reading

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Banker To The Resistance – Walraven van Hall

y One doesn’t normally think of bankers or financiers as resistance leaders.  Usually we picture them on the other side, always siding with power.  Certainly not on the side of people and liberty.  Wealthy and privileged, they usually work to … Continue reading

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Remembering the Sixth South Africa – October 1944

  It was early in October, 1944 and German troops in Italy had retreated to the Gothic Line deep in the heart of the Apennine Mountains between Bologna and the Po Valley.  Hitler himself had ordered that the line be … Continue reading

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What’d I Say?

Dred Scott A couple of days ago I said it would make no difference. After all of the sound and fury signifying nothing, Brett Kavanaugh was approved 50 – 48 with one Republican woman abstaining, one Republican male attending his … Continue reading

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The Busboy

It was the day before the 1968 California Democratic primary election and 18 year old Juan Romero was working as a bus boy at the Ambassador Hotel.  The primary itself was a heated race between Senator Robert F, Kennedy, Senator … Continue reading

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A Halloween Card

. Back in January I wrote about my youngest daughter’s artistic endeavors which began when she was a child.  You can read about it here: One of the things she enjoys doing is creating greeting cards for family and … Continue reading

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The September Pope – The 33 Days of John-Paul I

Forty years and two days ago Pope John-Paul I died.  Everyone remembers John-Paul II, the first non-Italian Pope in centuries, but few remember John-Paul I. No one remembers him for he reigned only 33 days.   Within 2 months we … Continue reading

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