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On Watching “The Sopranos”

  Well, I finally watched The Sopranos; all seven seasons beginning to end. Those who know me know I never watched the show.  Not once.  I had the gut feeling that it was stereotypical of the television and Hollywood treatment … Continue reading

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Steve Bannon Out.

It is being generally reported in the media that Steve Bannon has been booted from his role as the Trumpster’s chief strategist.   Too bad.    🙂 .

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Plain Girl – A Re-Post

A plain girl dressed by Walmart holds her books against her breasts looking down at the floor through unfashionable glasses while walking down the hall to English lit. No one sees her running the gauntlet ‘cept of course the mean … Continue reading

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The Gallant South and Confederate Memorials

  Until Dylann Roof murdered 9 African-Americans at a Charleston church because they were black the Great State of South Carolina still proudly flew the battle flag of the Confederate States of America – part of the “heritage” ya know. … Continue reading

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Help Wanted – Prison Camp Guards

  Charlottesville – Three dead The young man in the center with a black shield ran his car into a crowd of anti-fascist protesters killing a young thirty one year old woman.  Additionally, two police officers surveying the demonstration from … Continue reading

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School Yard Bullies With Nukes

Well this week in America we beheld two school yard bullies, two man-babies with nuclear weapons leveling threats at each other. “What are you looking at!?”  “Talk to me like that again and I’m gonna kick your ass!”   “You’re … Continue reading

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Look at me!!

I’m so tall!  And I have my own chair!! .

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In Memoriam – Glen Campbell

1936 – 2017 .

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Shukkeien Gingko

Seventy two years ago today America was in-between the bombing of Hiroshima and the yet to come attack on Nagasaki.  The Hiroshima anniversary was the past Sunday while Nagasaki would be devastated tomorrow.   In Hiroshima there was a park, … Continue reading

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Sun City – A Re-Post

In dreams I walk in furrows of deep crusted snow with you where we once walked in slow motion Autumn among nodding twigs and leaves of many colors before we started Winter fires loving; the flames turning crackling logs into … Continue reading

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