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Toritto – A Life in Pictures – #2

Uncle Dom, one of my mom’s three younger siblings and me, Easter 1946 Riding bikes with my younger brother Alfred in the park   Me at Brookville Lake State Park – 1949 Outside my Brooklyn home with my neighbor’s son, … Continue reading

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Toritto – A Life in Pictures

I have lots of photos, hundreds in fact, mostly not organized and just stashed away for years in boxes, stored closets and garages.  Many are pictures not seen even by my daughters.  Many  are of family who were gone before … Continue reading

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A Bullet of Change

So it’s June of 1967, fifty years ago this month.  Tampa, Florida is a bustling Southern town. This town on the Gulf coast, not yet a major city,  is so different from Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale which were experiencing … Continue reading

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Happy First Father’s Day!

Daddy Joe and Clark Boy Heading For The Donuts!! Dearest Joe;  I could not get out this week due to Heavy Rain SO THIS IS YOUR CARD!! Happy First Father’s Day!

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My Father Wold Have Been One Hundred – A Re-Post For Father’s Day

My father and grandmother – Easter 1943 My father would have been 100 years old on Thursday. Not my grandfather or great-grandfather; my father. He never made it to 57. I received a phone call in the middle of a cold … Continue reading

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Tampa Lightning

After a long dry “winter,” the rainy season has returned to Florida’s western coast with intermittent rains last week followed by a torrential tropical downpour late yesterday afternoon.  The dark shelf clouds rolled in off of the Gulf of Mexico … Continue reading

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On Population

When I was a cute young tike in elementary school in the early 1950s, the answer to the question “How many people live in the United States?” was “150 million Mrs. Fiore!”. Clever boy.  Very clever boy. In the years … Continue reading

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Knowing Her Place

The armies face each other black and white across a battlefield of squares dark and light opening hostilities the King’s foot soldiers charge forward, boots on the center ground strategic advantage; How will the enemy respond? Emulate the Spanish or … Continue reading

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Inhumanity in Massachusetts

A trial is taking place in Massachusetts of a young woman named Michelle Carter, charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of boyfriend Conrad Roy III. Roy committed suicide in the summer of 2014 at the age of 18 by … Continue reading

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Tales of a Polish Woman

Christine Granville, nee Krystyna Skarbek, O.B.E., GM, Croix de Guerre, died tragically on June 15, 1952. She was a Special Operations Executive Agent during the war, celebrated for her daring and resourcefulness in intelligence and irregular warfare in Nazi occupied … Continue reading

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