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Once in a Winter of discontent I walked in furrows of deep crusted snow through a forest of spindly pines and birch and came upon the ancient oak. Ten times as thick and twice as tall as they twice the … Continue reading

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Green Cathedral

A Re-Post for upcoming Memorial Day The son of the Allentown butcher will lead the way point man on the sweep today through God’s heavenly green cathedral Verdant canopy reaching to heaven flickering sunlight illuminates mottled parrots red and blue on … Continue reading

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Spanish Wood

  Memories of furniture and lamps a most familiar room where someone else now lives and loves, the house and all it’s walls embracing strangers. To the right of our bedroom door a tall  chest, filled with ties and sweaters, … Continue reading

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The Picture

Young J. Edgar Hoover was tapping his desk with the eraser end of a sharpened pencil; it was habitual when he was feeling agitated.  And J. Edgar was agitated. He kept staring at the picture in front of him and … Continue reading

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First Mother’s Day

For my eldest and her son, Clark Cassius Happy First Mother’s Day!! Yaay!! .

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For My Mom – A Re-Post for Mother’s Day

Mom, me with the glasses and my two brothers.  The baby is already gone My mother Mary would have been 94 years old last January. She is gone longer than she was here – she was gone 51 years on April … Continue reading

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Casualties Were Few.

We lost two in Afghanistan in April; four this year.  Our President is considering sending more troops. It has been sixteen years. The casualties were few we’re told while preparing to withdraw Just three last month in Kandahar Your son, my … Continue reading

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Princess Zoe, Mehmet and the Third Rome

  May 29, 1453.  Everyone knew it was the last day. The armies of the new God were outside the walls and tonight they would enter into this holy city. All the signs were visible; the sun had turned black … Continue reading

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Victory Day – May 9, 1945 – A Re-Post

The great war memorial to Mother Russia at Stalingrad (now Volgograd) under which 70,000 soldiers are buried Wait for me, and I’ll come back! Wait with all you’ve got! Wait, when dreary yellow rains Tell you, you should not. Wait when … Continue reading

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The Last Empress Dowager

It is the year 1861 in the Western calendar while in China the Xianfeng Emperor lay dying.   He was the ninth Emperor of the Manchu Qing Dynasty and he was but thirty years old.  Each Emperor, upon ascending to the throne … Continue reading

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