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Nehru and the Lady Mountbatten

Lord and Lady Mountbatten Who doesn’t like a juicy, scandalous love story?  Most everyone I guess. This one is an old one; many know of it, especially in England and India.  Yet I suspect many younger folks do not.  It … Continue reading

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The Favorite

“Your Majesty!  Your Majesty!” Elizabeth awoke from her slumber to hear her Lady in Waiting knocking at the door to her bed chamber. “A messenger from Cumnor Place with urgent news” Elizabeth immediately knew  the subject of the news.  She knew … Continue reading

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Mother and Son – A Re-Post for his Birthday

For profoundly disabled Michael, who would have been 42 today – and for his mother, gone 13 years on April 19   She sits beneath a massive oak in the Garden of Noble Women. Garden of the Promise  for those who have borne … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!


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“The Mother of all Bombs”

So it’s been reported today that the U.S military dropped the “mother of all bombs” on an ISIS cave complex in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province on the border with Pakistan.   Reportedly the bomb, known as a GBU-43 or Massive Ordnance Air … Continue reading

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Thirteen Years a Widower

A repost for the 1t3h anniversary of her passing – April 19  Joann Marie Louise Romanelli Scarangello Her high school graduation photo – 1063.  We married 7 months later. —————————————————————————- I didn’t expect her to die that day.  April 19, 2004. … Continue reading

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“Even Hitler Didn’t Use Chemical Weapons”

  Where does one begin when one hears something that is so stunningly idiotic? The job of the White House Press Secretary is mainly to elucidate and clarify the President’s policies (particularly when he hasn’t done a very good job … Continue reading

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Moving To The Head Of The Line

Once when I stood in a line I was younger than everyone; Younger than ball players Younger than cops Younger than soldiers Younger than the check-out lady at the grocery store. Everyone was older than me; I wanted to be … Continue reading

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On A Good Life

Originally posted on my 70th birthday – almost 5 years ago Bern’s Steak House Those who read a great number of blogs know that the dysfunctional family is a familiar topic. How many tales of disowned children, mother-daughter feuds, fathers … Continue reading

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First Carrots!

Yum Yum! .

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