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Fascism and America’s Ruling Elite – A Re-Post

  Grand Cross of the Order of the German Eagle Awarded to Henry Ford by Adolph Hitler – 1938 So it’s the 1930s and Hitler and Mussolini, not to mention Franco have established nazism / fascism in Europe. Hitler has … Continue reading

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Armed Resistance to Fascism – 1922

Guido Picelli – Leader of the Resistance The workers of Parma were socialists to the core; among them a sprinkling of anarchists, syndacalists, communists and the left wing Catholic Workers Party. In 1922 Fascism was delivering the counter-revolution, after two … Continue reading

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The Ugliest Valentine’s Day Card Contest

A Re – Post for Valentine’s Day “You get away cheap on Valentine’s Day!” she would quip with a smile. Carnations were her favorite flower. Not roses. Carnations. Long stem reds and whites wrapped in that paper that goes inside flower boxes … Continue reading

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Last Summer’s Affair

Laying my head on your stomach while the sun streamed through the blinds forming stripes caressing your contours just for a moment I thought of biting the thighs of your perfect body. Your sea green eyes animate Summer terns and … Continue reading

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Picking Radicchio

This morning there are reports of increased arrests of undocumented immigrants by ICE – the Immigration and Customs Enforcement police in several major American cities. Immigrant rights advocates reported an uptick in Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests ― including the detention … Continue reading

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Oney Judge – For Black History Month

0 “Advertisement,” The Philadelphia Gazette & Universal Daily Advertiser, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 24, 1796 . “Absconded from the household of the President of the United States, ONEY JUDGE, a light mulatto girl, much freckled, with very black eyes and bushy … Continue reading

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Over Coffee – (for Valentine’s Day)

I spied her in a coffee shop where I saw her once before a body electric, fashioned by Eros coming through the door a perfectly turned ankle  as comely as the rest, limbs formed by the gods a sculptor’s deft … Continue reading

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What to Say – (on Valentine’s Day)

What do you say when she asks “How do I know you love me?” Don’t say “I don’t; I only love your ass.” Don’t say “You have to ask?” She does; she just did. “You should know by now” doesn’t … Continue reading

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Three Months Old and He Can Fly!

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane! It’s Clark Boy! 🙂

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For two score years you cared for the children,  Maurice the poodle Millie the dachshund Trixie the cat in that order; refrigerator magnets neatly in a line, places we had been or our daughter had been missing London straying not … Continue reading

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