The Last Week


Well tomorrow we are entering the last week of Barack Obama and the coming of who knows what.

This morning over my second cup o’joe while nursing my left foot I thought back to how joyful and hopeful I was on election night 2008 when a victorious Obama came to Grant Park.   I really thought we had accomplished something.  Little did I understand the hatred on the right.  It wasn’t long before we heard about the Kenyan, the Muslim, the socialist.

We shook our heads and laughed in wonderment.  Silly us.

So here we are.  And the week before Donald assumes the mantle of the world’s biggest swinging dick he picks a tweet fight with John Lewis.  On Martin Luther King weekend.

The background story is that John Lewis is a popular member of Congress who has said that he will not attend the Inauguration as he considers Trump’s election “illegitimate.”  Lewis believes that Donald’s bro Putin interfered with and affected the outcome of the election which is besides the point that some three million plus more voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton.

George Bush was elected after losing the popular vote so this is the 2nd time in twenty years that the electoral college has not elected the winner of the popular vote.  That is a subject for another post.

Back to the Donald.  There are many ways to respond to John Lewis’s statements.


Ben SasseVerified account @BenSasse Jan 13

To John Lewis, one of my heroes: Please come to the Inauguration. It isn’t about a man. It is a celebration of peaceful transfer of power.

Ben Sasse is a Republican Senator from Nebraska; he showed some sense.

Not the President elect.

Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump Jan 14

Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to……


mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results. All talk, talk, talk – no action or results. Sad!

Note that last line.

“All talk, talk, talk – no action or results.  Sad!”

It borders on obscene to accuse Lewis of all talk, no action or results.  Lewis was arrested forty five times and was beaten to near death ridding this country of segregation while the Donald, golden spoon in his mouth, was dodging the Vietnam draft.


all talk, no action.  That’s John Lewis on his knees getting his head busted….

John Lewis was in the front row at the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma getting his head busted by Alabama State Troopers while Donald was hanging round with the rich kids in college and grad school picking up girls – talking a lot I suspect and doing shit.   That’s John Lewis on the ground covering his head.   All talk and no action my ass.

Now this issue came up only days before the Donald’s ascendency to the Presidential throne.  He is in the midst of his “transition.”  Why respond to a comment by a famous black Congressman from Atlanta with a tweet?  Or why not respond with something similar to Senator Sasse’s tweet? After all, you yourself questioned the “legitimacy” of Barack’s Obama’s Presidency for the past 8 years.  So some black Democrat takes a shot at yours; so what?  Why not just ignore it and get on with the march to the White House?

No.  Such slights and criticisms must not be ignored.  The must be responded to; ridiculed; quashed.


A portion of Lewis’s District 5 in Atlanta.

Now maybe the Donald’s followers and sycophants think Joh Lewis is all talk and no accomplishments; maybe they believe his district, containing some of the toniest districts in Atlanta, indeed in the entire southland, is crime-ridden and falling apart but some of us know better.  It is clear the President is using his tweets to deliver mid-night messages to his devoted followers he dare not make in front of a mike in public – unless of course it is at one of his “rallies.”   Even Republicans criticized his response.

Donald responded because that is who he is – an authoritarian of first rank whose view of Presidential power is that he can do what he likes.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress move forward with defunding the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare.  There is no replacement on the horizon.  If you believed there was going to be one you are a fool.  Even Republicans are nervous with the thought of cancelling the insurance of some 20 million voters and constituents.

Why is there such a hatred of Obamacare?  It is eerily similar to the legislation passed in Massachusetts when Mitt Romney was Governor.  Many Republicans supported it at the time.  So why the unrelenting opposition to Obamacare?

Because it was enacted without a single Republican vote in the House or the Senate and thus it’s name must, like Akhenaten’s, be forever erased from the temple walls.

 Even Republicans are getting nervous as constituents let it be known that they do not want Obamacare repealed without a replacement.  Here in Florida the number of uninsured has fallen by 38% over the past 6 years, translating to more than 1.6 million insured who did not have insurance before Obama.

For all of you Floridians who voted for the Donald (he did carry the state) and who are about to lose your health insurance, I suggest you drop a line to your empty suit, Senator Marco Rubio and see if he is of any help.  He is probably most worried right now that Cubans may be treated like all other “illegal” immigrants.  Heaven forbid!

As they used to say in Brooklyn ‘ “tuff noogies.”



About toritto

I was born during year four of the reign of Emperor Tiberius Claudius on the outskirts of the empire in Brooklyn. I married my high school sweetheart, the girl I took to the prom and we were together for forty years until her passing in 2004. We had four kids together and buried two together. I had a successful career in Corporate America (never got rich but made a living) and traveled the world. I am currently retired in the Tampa Bay metro area and live alone. One of my daughters is close by and one within a morning’s drive. They call their pops everyday. I try to write poetry (not very well), and about family. Occasionally I will try a historical piece relating to politics. :-)
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5 Responses to The Last Week

  1. beetleypete says:

    Always good to hear the Italian version of ‘The Red Flag’, Frank.

    Good luck after next week. Looks as if you are going to need it.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Lara/Trace says:

    If we were neighbors, you’d hear me anguishing at the next chapter for America, Toritto. I am very glad you blog and I’m not the only one watching Trump take the throne. It makes me feel less crazed after I read you …then I see Trump on TV. How did this happen? Why did this happen? OMG, I’m ranting again. It’s not fear anymore, it’s dread.

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  3. leggypeggy says:

    Soon the US will be in the hands of a man who behaves like a spoilt two-year-old.

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  4. wfdec says:

    As an Aussie I don’t have the right to comment, but as an Aussie I am afraid that ‘we will make America great again even if it harms our staunchest allies’ is a bit of a worry.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. jfwknifton says:

    Admittedly, I am an outsider, but your electoral college system does not seem to contribute to democracy. Either have a country divided into constituencies with a representative from each, or, much easier, just have a straight vote.

    Liked by 1 person

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