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Our Christmas Tragedy – 1975

An Annual Re-Post  I can still feel the moment. Christmas Eve 1975. The day our carefree life ended and a decade of heartache began. We married in 1963 and our 12th anniversary was coming up in 4 days. We had no children … Continue reading

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Running the Asylum

Well it is certainly getting interesting watching the patients take over and run the asylum. Our President-elect is staffing his Cabinet and White House with an assortment of right wing military, corporate honchos, Wall Street bankers, general incompetents and sycophants. … Continue reading

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America in Decline

And I thought Mormons had principles.  Silly me. Well 2016 is rapidly coming to a close. This year I turned 74 and I guess next year, following my own rule to celebrate only birthdays ending in zero or five after … Continue reading

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Longest Night

This longest night come stay with me I’ll meet you near the trees out back You always visit in a dream a soft sweet kiss and then away Consider this an invite so fitting for the longest night expected with … Continue reading

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Pizza Man

Our pizza man is a super hero able to leap four addresses in twenty minutes delivering manna, loaves and fishes to the multitude Pizza man sped to his next stop like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve three large pies, one … Continue reading

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Thoughts While Writing Out Christmas Cards

Into the mail box the cards are delivered, angels, a manger, the star and a lamb as the rural carrier makes her rounds listening to the plaintive sounds the bleats of sheep the clopping of camels the shuffle of sandals … Continue reading

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Nochebuena in South Florida!

A re-post from Christmas Past <a href=”″><img alt=”” src=””/></a><br/&gt; Well it was Nochebuena, Christmas Eve in South Florida and Nochebuena in South Florida means pig roasting.  This Brooklyn bred, Staten Island New Jersey Italian guy was going to partake in … Continue reading

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Icy cold frozen moon hanging in a crystalline sky as it was foretold Tree skeletons appear if dead save pines and ivy holly berries red Snow falls on frozen water The sun is gone The fearful cower Fires burning in … Continue reading

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One Month Old

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Viking Hands

“Viking hands” – (not mine!) You never know what you find out when you visit your doctor. Yesterday I visited my primary care physician,  a woman of a certain age we will call Dr. K. She gave me the lecture that … Continue reading

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