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C. C. Wolf and D. J. Trump

Last night I drank a few shots – scotch and ice. My grandson was in the process of coming into this world just as it appeared the world as I knew it was falling apart.  Welcome to Trump World. It … Continue reading

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My Grandson

Clark Cassius Wolf 8 lbs. 8 ozs. Born 10:08 pm – November 8. 2016

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James Rosen: Bill Buckley And The Death Of “trans Ideological Friendships

Bill Buckley Jr. and John Kenneth Galbraith “As we survey the toxic environment in which we are soon to elect the forty-fifth president of the United States, many of us wonder: Why? Why is it this way? The partisan among … Continue reading

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On My Military Service – for Veterans Day

A Re – Post for Veterans Day Toritto in Ethiopia – 1965 I never thought much about my military service after it was over. My young wife and I were glad I was out, discharged after four years in the … Continue reading

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Notes from My Father

Lafayette High School – Brooklyn He thought for a moment and wrote on a blank space inside the front cover of my high school year book “May your days be filled with happiness with just a moment of sorrow so you know … Continue reading

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The Coming Authoritarianism

Well, by this time next week it will all be over.  The election that is. Thank goodness.  Our fine candidates and former candidates have been openly running for 18 months and silently running since Obama’s re-election four years ago.  It … Continue reading

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