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Riu Riu Chiu – Spain 1556

Riu, riu, chiu La guarda ribera Dios guarde el lobo De nuestra cordera. El lobo rabioso la quiso morder, Mas Dios poderoso la supo defender; Quisole hazer que no pudiese pecar, Ni aun original esta Virgen no tuviera. Riu, riu, … Continue reading

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Personent Hodie – 14th Century

.  Personent hodie voces puerulae, laudantes iucunde qui nobis est natus, summo Deo datus, et de virgineo ventre procreatus. . In mundo nascitur. pannis involvitur praesepi ponitur stabulo brutorum, rector supernorum. perdidit spolia princeps infernorum. . Magi tres venerunt. parvulum … Continue reading

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Nerd Girl

Well tomorrow is the big day the nerds have been waiting for! Star Wars!  The Force Awakens!!  Yaay!!! We get to see the movie that goes with all those toys, commercials and trailers! Star Wars nerds are in heaven for … Continue reading

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Bitcoin for the Old

Did you know that WordPress accepts Bitcoin? And  And Virgin Galactic as well as Reddit and Paypal? Well according to a Nasdaq article, apparently they do. Now for those of us old people, still stuck in the last … Continue reading

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Christmas Revels and Simple Gifts

  Ghosts of Christmas past Yes I’m guilty. This will be my 73nd Christmas and yes, I am  one of those who gets all warm and fuzzy around Christmas time. People measure their lives in different ways.  Birthdays are the most obvious of course but some … Continue reading

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That’s All There Is

Watching toddlers frolic at the shore with squirt guns, building sand castles under the watchful eyes of their beautiful MILF mothers sitting nearby in sun hats moist in the heat, beads of sweat collecting in swells and creases, I realized … Continue reading

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Icy cold frozen moon hanging in a crystalline sky as it was foretold Tree skeletons appear if dead save pines and ivy holly berries red Snow falls on frozen water The sun is gone The fearful cower Fires burning in … Continue reading

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Duty Called

Soldier sitting by the door riding the bus in ’64 just two and twenty he was then going away ’till god knows when riding a bus through Massachusetts as the snow began to fall the bus pulled in to a … Continue reading

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When is a Duck a Duck?

So you see something in the tall grass of the wetlands but you can’t quite make out what it is.  It sounds like a duck but you don’t want to jump to conclusions.  You wait awhile until you can see … Continue reading

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Nochebuena in South Florida!

A re-post from Christmas Past Well it was Nochebuena, Christmas Eve in South Florida and Nochebuena in South Florida means pig roasting.  This Brooklyn bred, Staten Island New Jersey Italian guy was going to partake in a 500 year old … Continue reading

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