The Essence of Capitalism – Part II



Not too long ago I put up a post which got quite a number of hits:

In it I wrote of the current state of “big game” hunting in Africa, covering the taking of lions as trophies, the safari business and the dearth of wild lions where they used to be plentiful.

Very few shoot wild lions anymore.  Very few can afford the cost of a “safari” without the “guarantee” that a lion will be killed and a head mounted in the living room.  And there is much too great a chance that, after roaming around with your guide for a week and spending tens of thousands of dollars, you won’t  see a lion to shoot.

Areas of Tanzania and Zimbabwe are so depopulated of lions that most safaris come back empty handed.  That is not good for business.

Enter the “canned” safari.  Lions are being bred in South Africa specifically so that hunters can shoot them.  Money is made in South Africa by allowing tourists to play with the lion cubs and take their pictures; after all they are being bred for “environmental”  purposes.  Besides they are so cute.

These lions are then sold to game farms.  Each hunter is guaranteed a lion for his money.  First you wander around the giant game farm “on safari” for a few days; meanwhile “your” lion is brought to a specific place during the night.

Next morning you wander about a bit more and there it is!  The lion doesn’t run of course; it’s been handled by humans many times during it’s life.  It senses no danger.  You can practically walk up to it and shoot it.

Very brave.

The few wild lions left in Zimbabwe are in it’s national parks.  They too are not afraid of humans; they see them everyday, taking pictures.

Poachers will try to lure these lions out of the park in order to make a great white hunter happy.  It’s easy.  Just drag a carcass behind a slow moving truck at the edge of the park on adjecent private property.

This week a hunter and his “guides” lured a beloved lion named Cecil out of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, to be shot and killed as a trophy, The lion had a name for chriss sake!  He was the star attraction of the park.  Tourists took pictures of him everyday.

The July 1 killing of Cecil, a 13-year-old black-maned lion that held iconic stature in the wilderness preserve, sparked outrage as details began to leak about his death and how the lion was killed.

The lion was said to have been lured out of the park with an animal carcass tied to the bumper of a vehicle belonging to the hunting party, which was on private land outside of the park.

Cecil was shot with a crossbow, then stalked for forty  hours and dispatched with a rifle.  Nice

Cecil had been wearing a GPS collar as part of a longstanding research program. It’s illegal to hunt collared animals, and the collar was illegally removed after the lion was skinned and beheaded.  I wonder if his killer took a picture, smiling with his crossbow over the carcass?

While it was first reported that a Spanish hunter killed the lion it was later determined the man who killed Cecil was Walter James Palmer of Minnesota.  He has admitted it was indeed he.

Palmer is a “globe-trotting big-game hunter.”  Photos of him posing with animals he has killed are being shared on hunting blogs and other web sites.   Palmer was once convicted of poaching a bear in Wisconsin.

Two men who lead the hunt have been arrested in Zimbabwe and charged with poaching; one of them is the owner of the private land on to which Cecil was lured and shot.

“What does this say about all the “hunter-conservationists” we read so much about? They supposedly shoot lions to benefit the species by spending lots of money to employ people and benefit communities, build schools and clinics, and put funds in Government coffers to be used for wildlife protection.

But if they are defecting at a great rate from such high moral stances to shoot captive raised lions in South Africa, how serious about conservation were they in the first place? It is beginning to look like all they cared about was a lion trophy by any means or standards – underage, lured from a protected area, or captive-raised?”

That’s capitalism

In the early 1960’s, when Tanzania was still Tanganyika, I saw wild rhino close up – they were as easy to find as Kilimanjaro.  No more.

Lions, tigers, elephants and rhinos are killed for profit by poachers and by the egos of “hunters” for their orgasmic self-gratification.

Our brave white hunter, Mr Walter James Palmer, is a dentist.

A fukkin dentist.

Did he shoot his wad when he killed a collared lion?

P.S. – Yesterday this post included a video of Cecil calming walking passed a flock of tourists taking his picture.    The video had thousands of hits and had been up for months.  Today the video is “no longer available”.  I have no idea why.

So here is another put up today after the killing of Cecil.  It is not nearly as kind.



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15 Responses to The Essence of Capitalism – Part II

  1. cindy knoke says:

    So pointless and stupid. I left a comment on Palmer’s yelp reveiws. I suggest we all yelp him. All his other practice websites have been taken down. What a clown. Yelp him.


    • toritto says:

      Oh he’s getting plenty of grief – that’s why he took down his dental practice site. Tonight he made the national six o’clock news on NBC. He’s in for a lot more grief.



  2. Norman Pilon says:

    Every time I look at that first picture appended to the first part of this post, I cannot but wonder whether that only very slightly rotund hunter didn’t eat the poor lion all at one sitting.

    But yes, capitalism: it knows how to sell bullshit even if it means that the whole world must perish from the odor.

    Did the fukkin dentist shoot his wad? Of course he did. In the same way that an ordinary orgasm is enhanced by a welter of fictions overlaying an outworn and mundane reality. If you spend a lot of time fantasizing. . . about ‘wild’ and ‘ferocious’ beasts. . . although any ‘wild’ animal, if only half suspecting that it might be in danger, will flee.


  3. beetleypete says:

    This is another sickening chapter in the sad fate of these noble animals. I am glad to read that the brave dentist from Minnesota is being hounded.
    But Cecil is still dead, either way.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • beetleypete says:

      Just to add that the guy made the main news here today, after I wrote the comment above, and the covers of many newspapers too. He is getting a lot of criticism from this side of the Atlantic too, it would seem.


  4. sojourner says:

    Disgusting, inhumane and criminal.

    Capitalism = dehumanization and depravity!

    We should breed hunters so the wild lions left are assured an easy kill every time they are hungry! And let’s start with this “fukkin” dentist from Minnesota!


  5. This is absolutely deplorable, yes its capitalism destroying these animals becoming more and more endangered. We have the big game hunting cheerleader in our town this weekend. .something to be proud of indeed. Very sad state of what mankind has become. ..


  6. melisdvash says:

    Just want to say that there *are* responsible and concerned people who also hunt. You won’t find them in the news, and they are NOT shooting collared lions. All hunters are not like this selfish moron. Unfortunately it only takes a small percentage of people like him, and the sort who arrange these safaris, to take out all the wildlife we miss so much. Please don’t compare responsible hunters to these loathesome people. And I need to add that it’s not about the capitalism – you can find depraved and horrible people in every sort of society and organization


    • toritto says:

      Hi Melis – I have no issues with responsible hunters – those who eat what they kill or hunt legally and in season. Unfortunately there are enough of of the selfish morons to exterminate lions, tigers, rhino and elephants. And unfortunately there is money to be made and the unscrupulous will kill every lion on four feet in order to make a buck. The “hunters” are spending upwards of $50,000 for these “safaris” and they expect to kill a lion and take home a trophy. And the safari leaders will help them do it. That’s capitalism.

      And yes you are right – you can find morons everywhere. The biggest consumers of rhino horn are no longer the Chinese (who have banned it) but the Vietnamese – new millionaires who think it works better than Viagra. Regards and thanks for commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. toritto says:

    P.S. – Watch the video as Cecil strolls toward the camera – totally fearless of humans – and then walks right passed a crowd of tourist taking his picture at the end. A moron shot that lion with a cross bow. Very brave. Not even the tourists were afraid of him.


  8. Excellent write Toritto. My heart and my gut hurts over what happened to that magnificent creature.


  9. dougstuber says:

    Zen Dye, Sendai, Send Die

    Throat swells, gums bleed, lymphs bulge on and off in this
    post-nuclear tsunami Asian spring with its radio-rain and
    sadness because years of stress already determined most people’s
    cause of death, but now it’s a relative surety that cancer rates
    will fly five years hence. Sixteen students sweat a mid-term,
    young enough to never have imagined life-shortening storm,
    still sure the orgasmic joy of youth will last forever, or at least
    looking forward to blissful mating, large alcohol, unflinching
    prosperity and a good job awaiting stellar grade point average
    in a system where a B+ is a slap in the face. Stress exudes
    and clogs up the aisles with a goo so sticky it’s hard to collect
    the exams. So Bright smiles, scores well, heads to a mid-term
    a scant 10-minutes removed but ever so cheerful, even if she
    is truly so embarrassed about leaving her pencil case behind.
    Living proof that life goes merrily along amid the worst type
    of disasters: corporate (Tepco shouldn’t have allowed tons
    of radioactivity to spread into the Pacific), financial (banks
    got trillions, sold homes at 70% off, foreclosed 9000 per day,
    then asked for more bailouts), governmental (fascism at every
    turn), environmental (look at it all, and still we drive our cars).

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