St. Vincent’s

I can almost hear them 
down in the basement
across the street

Almost hear them.
I know who they are.
Think they can fool me
But they’re wrong.

I see them watching.
Got to get to St. Vincent’s.
Get a sandwich.
Got to get a sandwich at St. Vincent ‘s.

Sometimes I can see them through the walls
in the basement 
talking on that radio.
Getting instructions.
Mustn’t let them know
I know.

Can hear them see them.
Hope it don’t rain tonight.
Hope it don’t rain. Nice night.
Not too cold. Nice night.

Why won’t they leave me alone?
Can’t leave.
They will follow me and find out.
Where I stay. Where I go.
Stay here. Must stay here.
With my stuff.

Can’t leave.
Nice night. Not too cold.
Got to get a sandwich. 
At St. Vincent’s.

Why are you looking at me?
One of them.
They come out at night.
Stay in the basement in daytime 
think I don’t know.
Come out to carry out plans
from that radio I can hear it.
Making me blind.

The light is too bright.
Why are they shining that light?
Hear them in my head.
Telling me what to do.

“Come on move.
You can’t sleep here
Want to go to the shelter?
Well move!
And take your shit with you!”

This is their plan.
Must know I know about
the basement. The radio.
Trying to make me move
so they can follow me.
See where I stay.
Where I go.
Got to get a sandwich.

They’re scaring me tonight.
I would go to my sister’s house
but they would follow me.
Can’t go. Can’t.
Got to get a sandwich. St. Vincent….




About toritto

I was born during year four of the reign of Emperor Tiberius Claudius on the outskirts of the empire in Brooklyn. I married my high school sweetheart, the girl I took to the prom and we were together for forty years until her passing in 2004. We had four kids together and buried two together. I had a successful career in Corporate America (never got rich but made a living) and traveled the world. I am currently retired in the Tampa Bay metro area and live alone. One of my daughters is close by and one within a morning’s drive. They call their pops everyday. I try to write poetry (not very well), and about family. Occasionally I will try a historical piece relating to politics. :-)
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