A Nation of Wusses

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We have become a nation of total wussies, panicked and afraid of our own shadows.

The hysteria over Ebola is just the latest example of our fear, paranoia and inhumanity. We have become a nation of sheep, comfortable in our barn, consuming and getting fat. Home of the brave, my ass.

Two people (that’s TWO) in a nation of 330 million have become infected; both of them were nurses who came in direct contact while treating Thomas Duncan, the Liberian man who flew from Monrovia to Dallas to visit his family. Thomas Duncan died; his symptoms were not recognized quickly enough.

Both Americans are doing well at this point.

Mr. Duncan’s family was quarantined; after all they were living with him. None are showing signs of Ebola and they will pass the 21 day incubation period in the next day or two.

A nurse from the Dallas hospital took a cruise vacation; when it was discovered she was on board the panic spread. She voluntarily remained in her cabin; a blood test revealed she does not have the disease.

The MSM of course is having a field day while at the same time doctors are repeating to anyone listening that the disease cannot be spread without (a) direct contact with bodily fluids of the infected person and (b) only when the infected person is showing symptoms.  If the disease could spread in the air, like flu, there would not be thousands of cases in Africa; there would be millions.

Thomas Duncan flew from Monrovia to Belgium, to Washington D.C. to Dallas. No one on those flights, including those sitting right next to him are ill.

Nigeria had a case – brought by someone who flew into the country. It has been stopped the old fashioned way. Early identification, isolation and quickly tracking down anyone he might have contacted.  Today the World Health Organization declared Nigeria Ebola free.

Senegal declared yesterday it is Ebola free. And all without the U.S. military.

No matter. Must not let facts get in the way.

The politicians are up in arms; after all there is an election coming up. We need a military response – a “war” against Ebola. We need to do more.

“Stop all flights from West Africa!” Well there are no direct flights to the U.S. from West Africa. To get here from there you have to fly to Europe.

“Enforce a travel ban!”. Dr. Fauci of the CDC pointed out today that might make things worse. Anyone wanting to travel here from there would simply go underground – we might not know who they are or they might simply go to Europe, stay awhile and then come here. It would make tracking more difficult.

I think we in Florida should demand a travel ban on anyone from Texas.

Meanwhile we sold out of hazmat suits in this country today – maybe for Halloween?

Get hold of yourself people – your chances of dying of flu this winter are infinitely greater than dying from Ebola.

Quick identification of those who came in contact with Ebola victims, speedy isolation and high quality treatment available in this country will protect us so that we can continue to sit on our asses, watch the NFL and consume chicken wings.

If we want to make the world safe from Ebola we need to do everything we can to eradicate it in West Africa. We, as a people however, don’t give a rat’s ass how many die over there so long as we are safe over here.

The doctor son of a friend of mine is preparing to go fight the battle on the front lines. He has given his time from the slums of Latin America to South Africa and Somalia – fighting illness, delivering babies, comforting the dying. He’s gay.  In this country, he devotes many hours to the free clinic in the city where he lives.

His mother is worried; after all she’s his mother. But she’s proud. There are not enough people trying to do good in the world.






The Africa Concert- Harare, Zimbabwe – 1987

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4 Responses to A Nation of Wusses

  1. INMHO, it’s merely a distraction. Obama faces a midterm election in 2 weeks and is desperate to distract voters from the failed recovery and all his foreign policy setbacks.


    • toritto says:

      Hi Doc – No doubt politics is playing it’s usual games big time – it just amazes me how many ordinary folk can panic so quickly over so little. Regards


  2. “I think we in Florida should demand a travel ban on anyone from Texas.” I now live in Mexico but count me in when totaling the yes’s.


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