Ed Snowden Was Right


Ed Snowden was right.

He has been vindicated.

It was reported in the New York Times this week that President Obama  is set to call for an end to the NSA’s bulk collection of data.  He will supposedly support leaving this data in the possession of the phone companies for a maximum period of 18 months.

Because of Ed Snowden the American people found out about the extent of NSA surveillance and, after a period of almost a year during which time he vigorously defended the program, the President has been forced by public opinion to climb down and offer to dismantle the program he has been defending.

Ed Snowden was right.

During this past year a Federal Court found the program unconstitutional.

Subsequently one of the President’s own appointed panels discredited the notion that the program was necessary to stop terrorism while another panel found the program illegal on its face.

Ed Snowden is vindicated.

The President now supports ending a program that we would not know about save for Ed Snowden’s whistle blowing activities.  Certainly the Senate Intelligence Committee wasn’t going to tell us.

I will be curious to see just what the President formally proposes.  Hopefully a Judge will be required before the NSA can access any information on U.S. citizens held by the phone companies.

Concurrent with recommending the dismantling of the NSA surveillance program to Congress the President should issue a formal pardon to Ed Snowden.


P.S.  President Obama today “defended” our invasion of Iraq (Russia had pointed out our hypocrisy concerning Russian action in Crimea).

 “We tried to work within the international legal system” said the President, failing to mention that the U.N. resolution authorizing military action was based on lies delivered by Colin Powell (he still calls the speech a blot on his record).

This is what happens when you lose the moral high ground.  Even our allies in Europe must be cringing.


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8 Responses to Ed Snowden Was Right

  1. Somehow Obama’s gotta learn that lying and persecuting whistleblowers isn’t going to get him out of difficult situations. Besides a full pardon for Snowden (and Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, John Kiriakou and all the others currently in prison or under indictment), we also need to demand that the Dept of Justice prosecute some of the assholes at NSA who have been participating in illegal surveillance activities.


  2. Misirlou says:



    • toritto says:

      Hi V and thank you for that “Amen”!. Haven’t seen too many posts from you unless I am looking in the wrong place. Been writing much? Regards.


      • Misirlou says:

        Hi Toritto,

        No, I spent most of February with walking pneumonia and hadn’t been doing much of anything until about 2 weeks ago. I’m fine now and working on one for my 365 walks project at the moment. How are you doing? Regards.


  3. toritto says:

    I’m fine. Next month I’m hosting Easter again – maybe 18 or 20 – including my girls. In May I’m traveling to Pompano Beach for a week (a nephew’s first communion). It’s been a bit of a chilly Winter here this year (when it goes below 70 I’m cold!) – but April will soon be upon us. Regards


  4. steve kenny says:

    Reblogged this on My Blog.


  5. toritto says:

    Steve – again, many thanks! Regards.


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